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How A.I. is Changing the Mobile Learning Education Game
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How A.I. is Changing the Mobile Learning Education Game

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In today’s tech-powered world, there isn’t any industry that hasn’t benefited from the marvels of artificial intelligence. More and more professionals and organizations are coming around to the idea of revolutionizing their workflows and processes with AI-based applications. The effects of A.I. can also be experienced in the mobile education field, where children and young students are using their smartphones and tablets for online learning.

Through A.I., educators are able to create personalized experiences for students, so that their interest in the particular subject or topic is piqued and they listen to everything with complete focus and attention. Due to this revolution, the number of people using mobile education apps is increasing rapidly.

Let’s have a look at all the ways in which A.I. is bringing about a technological revolution in the mobile learning education sector.

Personalized Learning

According to the Gates/RAND Studies, students thrive more in environments where they are exposed to personalized learning, as compared to students who study in a more traditional and controlled environment. Since each student has a different aptitude and learning curve, the use of personalized learning helps uncover their potential in the right way.

In fact, students who are considered weak in their studies can actually excel in the same subjects if they are put into a personalized learning program. Artificial intelligence helps tailor the course content according to the students’ strengths and weaknesses, which enables them to learn better.

Tailored Content

Simply attending online classes and memorizing concepts is not enough to foster a learning environment for students. There is only a certain point until which they can listen to what their instructor is saying, and then their minds wander off. Through the use of A.I., the learning material can be restructured into smaller portions to help students learn and understand better.

Moreover, the course content can also be converted into audio and video content, so that students stay engaged for much longer.

Paced Learning

One of the biggest benefits of using A.I. in the mobile learning education game is that students can take their classes and learn at their own pace, rather than being subjected to a timetable. Plus, the course content and lectures are available and accessible round-the-clock, so they can revise each lesson multiple times before moving on the next one.

The people who benefit the most from this are students who can’t take regular classes due to certain illnesses, or people who are enrolled into distance learning courses and are sitting in another part of the world, at a different time zone. Plus, A.I. can also translate the subject matter into any language, which makes it easier for anyone to attend classes and learn from the comfort of their home.

Teaching Chatbots

The use of A.I.-powered chatbots has become hugely popular in all industries, and the same applies to the education sector, particularly the mobile learning field. Chatbots are available on the learning platform 24/7, and you can get in touch with them if you need assistance regarding a subject or particular topic.

This way, you don’t have to wait for the next class to begin, so that you can ask your professor. The chatbot will give them an accurate and well-researched answer, and the response time will also be in mere seconds. This is highly beneficial for students who attend online courses.

Automation of Administrative Processes

The benefits of A.I. aren’t only for the students. Rather, educators can also benefit from the use of artificial intelligence in mobile learning educational platforms. For instance, if a school conducts their classes online, the educators would have to mark each student’s attendance, compile their test scores, and complete many of the usual tasks that they are entrusted with.

Through an A.I.-based platform, teachers can only focus on teaching, as all of the aforementioned processes will be automated. This way, the student’s attendance will be recorded as soon as they enter the online class, and their marks will be automatically added to the system. What’s more, A.I. can even grade tests for teachers!

Interactive Classes

Artificial intelligence has greatly evolved and has stretched the limits of imagination, which means that something that couldn’t be conceived a few years ago is now being done with the help of automated processes. When it comes to mobile learning, students have access to all kinds of course content, which makes it easy for them to follow each lesson and retain the information that they have learnt. A clear example of this has been the rise of A.I. music apps that actually give you feedback in real-time, and tailor each lesson to your exact needs, making complex subjects as music theory (or something even more specific such as piano chords) attainable to anyone who owns a mobile device.

Another way in which A.I. is stepping up the game is by introducing interactive lessons, which allow students to stay actively involved in each class. In some educational platforms, you would notice that after the instructor completes a sub-topic, a question pops up on the screen, and you can actually select one of the options by tapping them!

Age-Intensive Learning

One of the major contributions of A.I. in the mobile learning education game is that it delivers age-specific lessons and course content for the students. Therefore, it can provide online lessons for toddlers to people in their 40s who are looking to add another skill to their resume. For little children, you can’t have too many words, which is why you need videos and sounds, as well as interactive learning games. This can only be made possible through A.I.


Through artificial intelligence, we are now leaps and bounds ahead of where we were in the past decade, and things that were once impossible are becoming a reality. Education is the foundation of any society’s development and by incorporating A.I. into learning apps and online classes, we will be able to raise an entire generation of innovative intellectuals who will take the technological revolution to greater heights.

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