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What is a Sales Portal?
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What is a Sales Portal?


There are lots of marketing tools that companies use to offer products to their customers. The sales portal remains one of the most popular. Let’s take a closer look at the technology and evaluate which business areas it is more effective.

Definition and features

A sales portal is an interface that contains useful information and the necessary tools to increase the awareness of sellers about products, which leads to an increase in the number of sales.

In the portal, you can control the flow of information offered to a particular employee. It integrates: search engine, social networks, and some marketing tools.

Benefits of sales portals

The main advantage of the portal is the ability to find at any time: the necessary information about the product, marketing materials, and sales tools. The salesperson no longer needs to distract other colleagues from their work. In one store, you can create additional small kiosks focused on the needs of the client and create based on their requests. Since the portal is accessible only to personnel and/or a separate group of individuals, it is possible to store confidential information in it without worrying about its security.


The main disadvantage of the sales portal is the human factor. If the company does not have a strong marketing team, then the system will not be profitable. It is important that the marketing campaign includes a complete development of the portal and uses all its tools.

Sales Portal

What a sales portal should be

There are several main characteristics that a successful sales portal must have:

  1. Appropriate content. Buyers repurchase goods from companies that have provided them with detailed information on the product of interest.
  2. Specific information. Most of the content is useless. If the seller receives a distant answer to his request, he will not help the client.
  3. Relevance. According to Seismic, 95% of buyers chose the company that provided them with relevant content. Each of us wants to receive only an up-to-date answer to his request. This is what you need to fill the portal.

The sales portal is a one-stop shop with all the data you need. It can be distributed by mail, via social media, or uploaded to an app/website.

Pipeliner CRM – an innovative approach to the sales organization

For those looking for the most convenient and practical sales solution, platforms that work in addition to CRM are not a solution. Therefore, many people prefer to use a single system. At its core, the new product is a CRM with a built-in sales support function.

What is Managed Selling from Pipeliner CRM

A sales process that delivers results and is effective is very dynamic. Sometimes sellers, without realizing it, perform a lot of unnecessary actions, wasting their main resource – time. To avoid this, Pipeliner CRM has an Automatizer function that allows not only automating many processes but also directing the seller’s actions depending on the buyer’s actions.


Collecting statistics is an integral part of marketing or sales. This function is available in any profile application or software. But in Pipeliner CRM is not just a distributed array of data, it is their ready-made decryption. For example, in statistics, you can analyze and see immediately the value of an opportunity, both those that have been implemented and those that have been missed. The latter function is very important in the subsequent strategy building and forecasting.

Workflow automation

The human factor has been and remains one of the main obstacles to rapid development and sales growth. We are all human and many find it difficult to monitor a large number of variable data at the same time and work in a mode of increased multitasking.

Full automation of many work processes, such as tracking dates, scheduling, mailing and much more, allows you to make the work of a specialist more efficient and effective.

Mobile CRM – Sell by Phone

The mobile version of Pipeliner CRM helps you not interrupt important processes, adjust to the schedule without sacrificing your personal time and life.


In order to attract customers, it is important to prepare the salespeople first. The sales portal is an ideal tool for informing employees. It is focused on increasing product awareness. To work effectively, you should assemble a team of professional marketers and include all the portal’s capabilities in the marketing campaign.

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