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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Sales Data?
Blog / Technology Insights / May 21, 2020 / Posted by Sales POP Guest Post / 3603

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Sales Data?


The sales department sits at the center of a company’s ability to generate revenue and grow. Small and medium-sized businesses depend critically on their sales departments in order to compete against the competition.

With competition being so fierce these days, SMEs must use all the best available tools and strategies. This is particularly true for the sales department, because of its important role in a company’s success.

One often overlooked component of increasing a sales department’s efficiency and effectiveness is sales data. understanding what your sales team is doing well and where there needs to be Improvement, having an intimate profile of your customers and their mindset, and being able to quickly and effectively relay accurate information to all other areas of your company, are the benefits that having good sales data provides your company. As business has moved online, collection of data has become easier but interpreting that data and making it useful continues to be a challenge.

Here are the key elements ensuring that your company needs to consistently acquire and manage high-quality sales data.

Put Strict Data Collection and Management Systems in Place

The most successful companies remain that way consistently by having effective systems in place that are strictly adhered to. In terms of sales data, your company needs to develop methodologies that will help your sales team to consistently collect, analyze, and utilize important data. If this is done correctly, this data can help your company determine which products and services to sell, how to position those offerings with customers, and where and how you need to direct your marketing and other key company resources.

The systems for managing data need to be easy to understand by your team, and easily adaptable to the current processes of your sales team if those processes are working well. If not then you need to modify them with a focus on data management

Having effective systems around sales data management allows you to bring in new salespeople and to get them up to speed quickly. It also allows you to always be ready when business conditions change.

Understand the Data You are Collecting

Lots of SMEs collect sales data. They have systems in place and they are strict about making sure that their teams adhere to those systems. Collection is only one opponent of making the data valuable to your company. You must also be able to interpret improperly position that data so it becomes a useful asset. Your company needs to use the best tools available 2 interpret the data that your sales department is collecting. One of the smartest tools available is a data dictionary.

A Data Dictionary

Many people are unclear about the benefits of a data dictionary vs. business glossary. Data dictionaries provide information about your data. Descriptions can include data attributes, fields, or other properties such as data type, length, valid values, default values, relations with other data fields, business definition, transformation rules business rules, constraints, etc.—anything you need to define each physical data element inside operational data sources and data warehouses. This is also relevant for logical BI data objects, and it should have a business flavor to it, not just technical.

A data dictionary should be a one-stop-shop for IT system analysts, designers, and developers to understand everything about their metadata. They are used to help translate data level business requirements into technical requirements, and should ideally be able to provide this information in an easily understood, structured, and organized way. IT teams should be able to tell within a few seconds exactly which inputs should be included in order to meet project goals, from attribute type to field requirements to default values.

A data dictionary is a next-generation tool for managing data and making it useful to your company. More companies are understanding its power and using it to gain an edge.

Hire Teams That Love Data Collection and Management

Finally, you must hire sales teams that appreciate and revel in data collection and management. Your team should embrace this philosophy and approach data collection and management with enthusiasm. Studies show that when companies focus on strong data collection in management strategies collection and management strategies, they see their success increase.

Sales data is a key tool for companies that one to experience consistent growth. But it has to be Acquired and managed properly. Using the strategies mentioned here and tools like a data dictionary, can help any company to become more efficient and more effective.

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