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How to Identify Your Ideal Customers Online

How to Identify Your Ideal Customers Online

Social Buying Signals:
How to Identify Your Ideal Customers Online (#SSHour Highlights)

Mondays at 1pm PT , you’ll want to drop by a Twitter chat (#SSHour) focused on the topic of #SocialSelling.

Are you thinking…What’s a Twitter chat?

A Twitter chat is a recurring,  public Twitter conversation at a scheduled time. The participants tweet with a unique hashtag. At the scheduled time for the chat, you use Twitter to search for that hashtag and monitor/follow the discussion in real time. Twitter chats are often aimed at specific topics and attract people with these interests.

We’ve found Twitter chats particularly valuable, and there’s a reason for that.

Pipeliner Chief Listener, Rachel Miller @rachelloumiller and whirlwind digital evangelist Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz are co hosting organized sessions with strong preparation and research so that visitors get practical advice and great tips — in an action-packed hour. Regulars include the erudite Kevin Thomas Tully @kevinttully from  Sales for Life, John Golden @JohnGoldenFRR, @NexLevelSales @JulioVisko, and LinkedIn’s @KokaSexton.

This Monday the topic was Social Buying Signals, with a concentration on the customer evaluation phase of the typical buyer’s journey. We will be revisiting other aspects of buying signals in future chats.

Here are some highlights from this week’s discussion:




Q1: What is a buying signal?

For the purposes of this chat…A buying signal is an indication of purchase intent

Q2: There are two types of buying signals. Hard and soft. Which is most commonly used by your prospects?

A hard signal is somebody asking for a recommendation, price or feedback around your or competitors’ product/service. A soft signal is identified by monitoring for anyone talking about common phrases/search terms in your industry.

Q3: How do you monitor your prospects’ buying signals?

Q4: As a social seller what signals are you monitoring for purchase intent?

Q5: Successful buying signal identification requires disciplined #sociallistening. After identifying a prospect what is your 1st move?

Q6: Can buying signals be misinterpreted?

Q7: What responses haven’t worked for you? Too hard of a sell? Too soft?

Q8: How many times do you follow up after a you’ve identified a buying signal?

Q9: Just because you found someone doesn’t mean it’s an easy sale. How do you stay top of mind with a prospect?

Q10: How do you respond to prospects inquiring about price on social networks?

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