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5 Effective Ways to turn Customer Data into Actionable Insight That Improves Customer Experience

5 Effective Ways to turn Customer Data into Actionable Insight That Improves Customer Experience

All companies know that information improves marketing campaigns, but what’s more important is the data collected as it improves customer experience. Every marketer will sell you the “content is king,” but without data, your efforts are wasted on content that will be irrelevant.

Data gives companies an understanding of the customers mind and how they think, this improves your customers overall experience. Aside from that, data also helps companies prepare their campaigns and how much budget is needed to fund each.

Many companies use data analysis to identify patterns, trends and other company insights to better understand their target customers. To make it simpler for you to know what to do with data once you collected it, refer below.

5 Effective Ways to turn Customer Data into Actionable Insight That Improves Customer Experience:

#1: Be personal

To ensure your customers really enjoy their experience with your company, then the way you market as well as the way you set your customer care campaigns, must create a sense of friendship and understanding with your customers. When you email your customers, it’s important to use first names and your email personal; in that way your emails are guaranteed to be opened. New customers who receive personalized email offers targeted to suit their individual experience are more likely to continue using your products and endorse your business to others.

#2: Don’t be weird

There is a fine line between relevance and being weird, so make sure your content is personal and good. You can collect a ton of data from your customers, but it’s extremely difficult to work out which data is truly valuable and the ones that aren’t important. Customer name, age and location collected from previous purchases are what most companies use. But to obtain data that is anything more personal, it’s recommended you hire a data specialist.

#3: Acquire the tunnel vision

For customer experience marketing to work, businesses must develop the “tunnel vision” to help them gain more knowledge about their customers. Once businesses learn why their customers chose a certain product from their product range, how they use it or if they’re encountering issues, then they not only have a personalized conversation with their customers to build relationship, but they can obtain more valuable information to help them convert more prospects.

#4: Never ignore unstructured data

Data like email, social media and recorded phone calls cannot be captured in a structured database. But these unstructured data (80%) are very valuable. Not every business owner wants to sit on unstructured data information, but it is this information that helps you learn how your customers think and what they really care about. Not only that but it also gives you insights on new patterns and trends that you can use to create more new opportunities to satisfy your customers.

#5: Scoop out small data

Nowadays it’s all about big data, but there is still so much value in small data. Small data refers to the individualized, personal small bits of data information buried in unstructured data and direct personal feedback from customers. Data collected from customer surveys and interviews can reveal deep knowledge about how and why customers use your product, what could be improved and how it benefits them. This information, when applied properly, can increase one on one customer experience.


The more data you obtain the more you learn and understand customer patterns and trends. As you’ve read above, data comes in so many different forms mainly structured and unstructured. But if you can put all these big and small insights together, you can have a clearer picture of your customers’ way of thinking and how you can dramatically boost their customer experience.

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