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We Need Evangelists Again!
E-books / Entrepreneurs / Aug 9, 2019 / Posted by Nikolaus Kimla / 335 

We Need Evangelists Again!

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Today, salespeople have become increasingly detached from the products they sell and the companies they stand for. That is why they change jobs so frequently—an average of once every 2 years.

Go back 50 years, and a salesperson actually identified with and believed in their products and company, along with what the product stood for and the company philosophy. Salespeople remained with companies for long periods—some of them for life.

Why has this radical shift occurred? Because salespeople have ceased to care what they sell. This attitude makes it impossible for them to be evangelists, for an evangelist could never change colors so easily. A salesperson selling subscriptions to Greenpeace couldn’t, 2 years later, go out and sell shares in an oil company. Yet this is the kind of thing that happens today.

How do we turn this around, and simultaneously make it possible for salespeople to be far more successful? The answer is to bring back the sales evangelist—and that’s what this ebook is all about.

Come with me, and let’s see how it can be done.

About Author

A 30-year veteran of the computer industry, Nikolaus has founded and run several software companies. He and his company uptime iTechnology are the developers of World-Check, a risk intelligence platform eventually sold to Thomson Reuters for $520 million. He is currently the founder and CEO of Pipeliner Sales, Inc., developer and publisher of Pipeliner CRM, the first CRM application aimed squarely at actually empowering salespeople. Also a prolific writer, Nikolaus has authored over 100 ebooks, articles and white papers addressing the subjects of sales management, leadership and sales itself.

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