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Social Media – Sales Quota by Jim Keenan – Barbara Giamanco
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Social Media – Sales Quota by Jim Keenan – Barbara Giamanco

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The evidence is compelling – social selling works! This ebook by sales experts Jim Keenan (The Sales Guy) and Barbara Giamanco (Social Centered Selling) gives you all the information you need to incorporate social selling activities into your workflow.

Does Social Selling Lead to Revenue?

This is the question every sales pro is asking: “Can social selling activities boost my bottom line”?

The jury is in, and the answer is YES.

But the book will give you many more answers:

  • What is the direct effect of social media on revenue:
  • Are salespeople embracing social?
  • What is the profile of the social salesperson?
  • Do social activities help you meet quota?
  • What’s the scorecard? Do social sellers outsell traditional salespeople?
  • When did social selling really start?
  • What social media sites are the most popular with salespeople? Why?
  • What are the main activities of successful social sellers?
  • What are the stats of dedicated social sellers?

There’s lots more compelling data, advice, and inspiration in Jim and Barbara’s book!

There are varying opinions about how sales people use social media to support their sales activities. Everyone wonders, where does social media make a difference, where is it most effective? When we asked sales people, their answers weren’t that surprising with networking and prospecting as the two most common uses of social media.

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