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🎧Sales Team Motivation

🎧Sales Team Motivation


In this podcast, John Golden talks to Leigh Ashton about sales team motivation:

It happens to all of us. We know the things that we should be doing, but neglect to actually do them. The same is true for salespeople. Essential tasks that are important for overall sales generation often get pushed to the wayside. “Sometimes salespeople know how to do something, but they just don’t do it!,” said Leigh Ashton, who is interviewed by John Golden.

This podcast comes from a live interview which you can view here;  Essential Sales Tasks

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🎧Value Judgment Intelligence Quotient

🎧Value Judgment Intelligence Quotient

John Golden talks to Spencer Marona about value quotient ” Axiogenics, linking thinking to performance. Spencer explains the difference between VQ “value judgment intelligence quotient” versus IQ “intelligence quotient” versus EQ “emotional intelligence”. How important that really is for leaders. Emotional intelligence in regards to being able to handle yourself when employees’ conflicts arise, being able to really keep a level head, reading people’s moods, emotions and body language.

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