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The Car Insurance Agent’s Guide to Success
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The Car Insurance Agent’s Guide to Success


Car insurance agents get a bad rap in pop culture. Far too often, customers think you are trying to screw them over, convince them of buying something they aren’t interested in, or that you are forcing yourself and your business down their necks.

Selling car insurance tips are an important way for new agents to build their confidence and understand what it takes to overcome the reputation that has preceded their career path.

Asking for help and learning how to change the industry will help you and your colleagues sell more auto insurance and leave you with happy customers who feel you are ethical.

We may not turn you into Jake from State Farm or Flo from Progressive, but it will undoubtedly train you to think more about people when selling car insurance. It’s a downtrodden industry, but you can be the exciting and revolutionary upstart who changes everything.

Put Yourself in the Customer’s Shoes

Far too often, there is a divide between a car insurance agent and the customer they are trying to acquire. As a fellow driver, you need car insurance yourself, too. Think about the attributes of your agent that bother you and the traits that made you want to buy insurance from them.

Nobody wants to be tricked into buying something they don’t need. If a customer only wants insurance for their home vehicle, don’t tag on company vehicle insurance when they don’t use their car or truck for anything related to their job.

Let the customer know you are passionate about your job and getting them what they need. Don’t deliver a sales pitch. Instead, listen to what they need and always put the customer first.

Have Fun and Create Friendships

Selling car insurance is a very social job. You will come into contact with a large variety of personalities. Some folks will be easy to work with, and others will grind your gears.

The important thing is to try to form the best relationship possible with every single person you meet. Why are you even in the insurance industry if you don’t enjoy talking with people?

These folks will presumably be customers for many years, at least that is the goal of any insurance company. If you let your clients know you are also somebody they can call just to chat or go to lunch with, you have built something beyond your job that will also positively affect your bottom line.

Be Willing to Change

This tip applies to basically any career you choose, but it is especially important in the insurance industry. Cars are constantly changing, and the customer’s insurance needs are doing the same thing.

As you age through your career, don’t live in the past and think that something will succeed just because it always has. Adapt to the market and the environment you are selling in, and you should be able to overcome anything.

After all, one of the reasons most people decide to pursue the insurance industry is because it is a dynamic career that engages you socially and mentally. If you don’t think you can live up to the job description, you probably should pursue a different career. If it sounds exciting to you, you shouldn’t have any issues.


Shawn Laib is an auto insurance expert with He enjoys helping people understand the basics behind buying and selling car insurance so that everyone feels satisfied with the deal.

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