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Everything You Need to Know About the Mac OS Big Sur
Blog / Marketing / Aug 28, 2020 / Posted by Sales POP Guest Post / 1857

Everything You Need to Know About the Mac OS Big Sur


The new Mac OS Big Sur is out! Unlike most other previous updates like from OS X to macOS, this recent update looks like it won’t disappoint. Yes, macOS Big Sur has almost 100 new features, intended to improve your Mac experience soon. As we wait for the final version of the update, here is everything you need to know about the macOS Big Sur.

Safari is getting better

Over the years, Mac users have opted for other browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox over Safari. Most users have complained that it has been slow on heavy tasks and high on battery power consumption. However, it is now looking to be different with the MacOS Big Sur. The OS has improved performance and low battery power consumption. The Safari browser feels better. The security features of Safari are now better enhanced with privacy report and password monitoring features. Other than that, now you can find Safari extensions in the Apple store. Downloading and updating them is easier than before!

App store updates

There is also an upgrade in the App Store privacy. Right now, before you download an App, you can view its privacy information. Also, the developers can now report their privacy practices. The language in privacy and permission seating is now easy to understand.


The MacOS Big Sur has also come with new features to messages. For example, there are more granular control options for participants of group chats. If you compare Big Sur to older macOS; the latter neither had mentions nor gifs. The Big Sur has inline mentions, replies, gifs, and customizable group photos. There is a default search bar that uses search and adds images and gifs to conversations. With this feature searching for a message is easier; you simply need to type in the keyword and press return. All the images, links, and conversation matching your query will be sorted. With the recent updates in messages, you can also pin conversation at the top of your chat list.


Big Sur also has a map update that gives an option for cycling routes with elevation changes and street traffic. Moreover, there are routes showing charging stations. If you own an electric car, you can now find it easier to pick routes. The map application also can research guides, allowing you to explore new places before you visit them. The feature is still undergoing more updates for indoor maps featuring popular sites like shopping mall and airports


What’s even more fascinating is that the macOS Big Sur has a whole new and more aesthetic design. The appearance is lighter and semi-transparent, making it beautiful to the eye. The look is coupled with the floating Dock with the latest applications. The notifications and control center feels completely different. Now you can tailor the notification center to suit your workspace as it is offering customization options. Moreover, the notification is grouped by apps, making it easier for you.

The control center is now full of Display options and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options. The menu also has a dark mode and ‘Do not disturb option.’ That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Battery charging

Again, this new OS has also optimized battery charging to extend your battery life. The new update learns your charging routine and activates the charging session after your MacBook has been off the charger for a given time. There are some nice graphs that analyze and summarize battery usage and levels.

Wrap Up

The new macOS Big Sur promises to be one of the best OS that Apple developers have released in a long time. The newly-released OS has a lot to be excited about. Well, it is just a matter of time before the jury is out on macOS Big Sur as the new release takes center stage.

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