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30+ Tips for Marketing Music
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30+ Tips for Marketing Music


The famous novelist Paulo Coelho once said, ‘Music speaks for itself, there’s no need to say anything.’ Now that may be true for listeners, but musicians, on the other hand, can always benefit with a little push from promotions. Music promotion strategies will do a world of good and broaden a fan base like never before.

If you are eager to get your music in front of newer audiences, then here are 30+ tips on how to promote your music:

1. Approach media outlets

There has never been a better strategy for marketing in the music industry than pitching one’s music to media corporations. Should they find your work interesting and decide to promote it, then congratulations! You have hit the jackpot of all promotions.

2. Hard sell your music

Although a bold strategy, the old-school way of promoting songs through music stores is still one of the best there is, even today.

3. Push your music through social media

If old-school is not your thing, then you can always use social media to showcase your talent.

Famous social media sites:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok

4. Create a cross-platform community

Along with your social media music promotion, you can also start a community for your band. This will see you interacting with audiences much more.

5. Promote your songs over the radio

Music marketing benefits through radio stations is a tried and tested one. Getting your music through to its listeners is a fine way of reaching a whole new audience.

6. Start your own website

Owning your website will allow you to showcase your best music to everyone. However, it is also one of the more expensive options in any music marketing guide.

7. Tour with other artists

Hit the road with other artists, open for them, and push your music out to many, many more fans.

8. Play at genre-specific music festivals

This is an amazing way to showcase your songs, especially to an audience that enjoys your genre of music.

9. Hire a freelance marketer

If you just cannot find time for marketing, you can always hire a freelance marketer to get the job done for you. While this may cost you some money, it is worth every penny.

10. Free music sessions

Market your songs for your fans and music lovers through a free music session. You can choose to do this in person or even online.

11. Rock your songs at functions

Special functions or occasions are a cool idea where you can always promote music. It could be a reunion or even a birthday bash.

12. Document your life as a musician

This may be a bold way of promoting your music, but a good way to market it nonetheless. Create vlogs of your content and make it personal and up-close for fans.

13. Engage your fans

Incorporate your fans into your vlogs whenever possible. This will certainly show that you are willing to connect with fans on a different level.

14. Make awesome music videos

Videos definitely add to the creativity and stimulate the listener’s eyes too. Creating the perfect music video will give your music a huge boost.

15. Get critics to give you reviews

Another great way to market music is by getting in touch with critics and asking them to review your work. Their words carry a lot of weight and can certainly get you places.

16. Contact social media influencers

Social media influencers can give you a huge boost to audiences over the internet. A good word from a famous vlogger or YouTuber can get millions of internet users to listen to your work.

17. Write your own freelance reviews

You can always write out your very own review or snippet explaining your music and how it connects with the listener. This can go a long way in catching vital attention.

18. Get interviewed

Make time for an interview to give your audiences the chance to better understand you and your music. You can upload it on your own website or websites of people you know.

19. Play your music at local games

What better place to play your music at than a local ball game or basketball tournament. Here you are sure to find masses ecstatic and in the mood for some music.

20. Advertise your music

Promote and advertise your music through paid advertising to reach millions of listeners on the internet.

Paid advertising options:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

21. Market your music through emails

Send out your newest and best music on a regular basis to your email list of contacts and watch your work reap benefits.

22. Promote your music on streaming platforms

Nothing shows you the importance of music marketing than promoting your work on streaming platforms.

Online music streaming sites:

  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • SoundCloud
  • YouTube

23. Play at live streaming platforms

Live streaming platforms are another cool way of playing in front of a live audience and going viral. To begin with, you can sign yourself up on Twitch, Facebook, or Instagram.

24. Podcast your music

Podcasts are an easy way to market your music to millions of listeners. You can connect with them through:

  • Amazon Music
  • Spotify
  • SoundCloud

25. Publish YouTube videos

YouTube is by far the largest video search engine; your music is certain to build traction and followers over time.

26. Merchandise your brand

Fans are always happy to help you promote your brand and love merchandise too. Offer them a variety of merchandise and watch them promote you for free.

27. Review from music bloggers

Reach out to a music blogger for a review, and if it is a good one, it will do you a world of help when marketing in the music industry.

28. Collaborate with other artists

Collaboration with other artists gives your music another dimension as well as gets you more fan-following.

29. Record music tutorials

Recording a tutorial will surely inspire new musicians and also give you that much-needed music promotion.

30. List your tours on online platforms

Keep your fans and music lovers informed of your tour schedule by listing it on sites such as:

  • Eventbrite
  • Evvnt
  • Meetup

31. Crowdfund your music

Yes, crowdfunding. This will not only help you raise funds through patrons but also people eager to promote your music; after all, they have invested in it, haven’t they?

32. Use contests to get people to your shows

Everyone loves a free ticket to a concert. This is one of the easiest ways of drawing crowds to your gigs to promote your music.

33. License Your Music through a Royalty-Free Music Library

If you have a catalog of songs that haven’t found their place in any of your albums, you may want to consider licensing your music through a┬ároyalty free music service. You can earn a commission each time someone decides to use your music in their creative endeavors. Your music can make money for you while the royalty free music library does all the hard work of bringing ears to your music.

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