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Convert Your Next Rejection to Future Success
Blog / Improving Sales Team Performance / Nov 23, 2021 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 1955

Convert Your Next Rejection to Future Success


Most negative responses will generally put people into a funk for a long while, so it’s best to attempt to convert your subsequent rejection to future success. Let’s examine two specific types of rejections in the business world. Interviewing for a new job or trying to acquire a new client can quickly receive responses similar to ‘not now’ or a solid ‘no!’

Sales can be a highly invigorating and rewarding profession when done well. However, those who do not take the time to learn from difficult situations leave with the declaration, ‘it’s impossible to earn decent money; instead, it’s a grand waste of time.’ The decision is up to each individual for how they want to approach their following negative response.

Statistically, we hear that the top salespeople only earn 30% of the sales they attempt, leaving a whopping statistic of 70% rejection that prevents future success. How do people deal with that dilemma?

“Learn from the negative responses to continue moving forward.

A positive mindset helps with the dilemma of how to turn the subsequent rejection into future success. It’s always best to ask permission to review why another will be the new hire or vendor. Many people who initially declined to work with you will be surprised and agree to the last meeting. There are three objectives to focus on in a follow-up meeting:

  1. The communication(s) that did not come across particularly well.
  2. Improvements that you are to consider for similar appointments.
  3. Strive to improve the weaker areas and leverage what you do well.

Maintain an amicable tone of voice, and ask the following questions for learning purposes to improve delivery:

  • May I know what the new hire or vendor can provide that you believe I can’t?
  • Is your ‘no’ forever, or may I call you back in six months to see how you are doing?
  • Are you willing to consider me as a backup candidate or service provider?

It may sound quite bold to ask those questions immediately after being declined, but on the other hand, it demonstrates you have leadership potential. Not everyone, but a large majority, will entertain a recap of everything you previously spoke about and why the rejection is yours.

On occasion, people will admit that monetary issues are taking over, and the budget will scrutinize. The suggestion for a follow-up sometime later down the road will, on occasion, be welcome.

Set the appointment, record it in your CRM database, and upon calling with a friendly tone, inquire if it’s a good time to keep the new meeting. Most often, you will hear, ‘Yes, it is!’ Enthusiastically enter the meeting room knowing that you have a golden opportunity to learn how to present yourself and your work in a better light moving forward.  If, for some reason, another negative comes your way, be gracious and accept it. Although it can be disappointing, it is best to recognize that the fit isn’t there, and it’s time to eliminate further wasted time and move on to find a better opportunity.

During your time off, it’s good to review what you do well, what needs improvement, and the education you may need.  One of the missing ingredients is self-confidence; a public speaking class is an excellent remedy for many.  Read books, take courses, and read articles that pertain to what you want in your career.  The dedication to continuous learning will broaden your knowledge, embolden your presentation ability, and contribute to acquiring the next job or sale.

Practice, education, and maintaining a positive mindset are the essential elements for anything we desire in life.  They will motivate you to continue going and soon see baby-step achievements that ultimately lead to grander moments.

Remember that nothing outstanding is achievable without the 3 P’s – purpose, passion, and practice.  Long ago, in Silicon Valley, an engineer relayed the concept that garbage put into a system will only see similar output.  Additional insight is that, like computers, on occasion, we need to unplug.

On the days that rejection gets you down, review whether you are still passionate about your work and enjoying the type of people with whom you work.  For some, it may be time to realize the next best endeavor to immerse themselves.  And for those who still enjoy their careers, the time is right to unplug and re-energize to increase the possibilities for the next sale or acquire the next job.  By taking these steps, enthusiasm will return to a high and increase your odds for moving from rejection to future success.

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